Discover the Best Wellness Plan for You

Discover the Best Wellness Plan for You

Get genetic nutrition testing in Dallas, TX

Smart Plate Nutrition offers genetic nutrition testing designed to identify the best diet and exercise regimens for you. This diagnostic analyzes your genetic makeup and provides valuable information regarding your overall health. You'll get a clear plan of action that will help you live a healthier, more productive life.

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You'll benefit from our testing options

As part of our genetic nutrition testing services in Dallas, TX, we offer two impactful diagnostics: Macro nutrition and Optimal Health testing. Check out the details.

Macro nutrition testing:

  • Assesses 26 unique genes
  • Identifies your macro-nutrients
  • Determines the type of foods you should avoid
  • Outlines how much exercise you should engage in

Optimal health testing:

  • Identifies deficiencies
  • Analyzes 42 genes
  • Sheds light on disease management
  • Provides information on your overall health

Each of these tests uses scientific methods to determine the best wellness routine for you. Call now to schedule your testing in Dallas, TX.